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Fan Fiction Archive

There is a lighter side to writing, one that doesn't involve tracking down the next day's news story or marketing an original work. It's called fan fiction.

For anyone who doesn't know, fan fiction is an original work based on something else. Any television show, movie, book, celebrity or music group is fair game. Do a web search on nearly any of these subjects, and I guarantee you'll find at least one fan fiction site devoted to it.

I find writing fan fiction to be a valuable tool for me. First and foremost, it's writing for the sheer pleasure of writing -- you're not selling it, no one is waiting for it, you have no deadline nipping at your heels. It also helps to hone your skills when you're not working on something else.

That's not to say all fan fiction is worth reading. There's quite a bit of it that's not worth the paper (or bandwidth) it occupies -- and I know, because I've written some of it. But occasionally you'll stumble across a true gem, and those are well worth trudging through the endless junk to find.

The stories included in this site are the ones I consider my best. Junk or gem, that's something you'll have to decide.

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Dark Shadows

The Awakening
A vignette based on the 1991 Dark Shadows series exploring Barnabas Collins' first night as a vampire.

Shadow's Bliss
In this continuation of the 1991 Dark Shadows series, Victoria Winters returns from the past to confront Barnabas Collins about his true identity.

Edward Scissorhands

A poem of romance that can never be.


An 'Enterprise' ficlet. Trip and Hoshi have an unexpected moment in the midst of a very bad day.

Gray Area
When Commander Tucker is injured in a shuttlepod crash on a previously uncharted planet, the Enterprise crew discovers the truth behind old-Earth tales of alien abduction.


Frank's peculiar behavior leads Hawkeye to sinister conclusions. (It's a comedy, I swear!)

Sleepy Hollow

Katrina's Smile
At Ichabod's bedside after a clash with the Horseman, Katrina explores her feelings for the dashing, if somewhat eccentric, constable. Based on the Tim Burton film starring Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci.

Return to Sleepy Hollow
In this sequel to the Tim Burton movie, Ichabod arrives back in New York to find his sanity in question. He must return to Sleepy Hollow to prove himself and put the evil to rest once and for all.

Star Trek: Original Series

The Klingons' test of the Organian Peace Treaty leaves James T. Kirk in a fight for his life. But the Klingons may have underestimated the strength of human ingenuity... and the power of a particular friendship. Novel-length TOS fiction.

The Stardate Before Christmas
A Trek-ish twist on the classic Christmas tale. Published by club owner's request in the Official Leonard Nimoy Fan Club Newsletter December 2003.

Star Trek: Next Generation

The Duel
Captain Picard meets Zorro in this TNG holodeck fantasy.

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