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Alamo Defenders

Remember the Alamo!

CLICK HERE for a complete transcript of all known Alamo letters written by William Barret Travis during the siege.

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Alamo Defenders

The following list of Alamo defenders and birthplaces was obtained from the Daughters of the Republic of Texas Library at the Alamo, San Antonio, Texas.

Defender's Name and Birthplace

  1. Abamillo, Juan (Texas)
  2. Allen, Robert (Virginia)
  3. Andross, Miles DeForrest (Vermont)
  4. Autry, Micajah (North Carolina)
  5. Badillo, Juan A. (Texas)
  6. Bailey, Peter James III (Kentucky)
  7. Baker, Isaac G. (Arkansas)
  8. Baker, William Charles M. (Missouri)
  9. Ballentine, John J. (Pennsylvania)
  10. Ballantine, Richard W. (Scotland)
  11. Baugh, John J. (Virginia)
  12. Bayliss, Joseph (Tennessee)
  13. Blair, John (Tennessee)
  14. Blair, Samuel (Tennessee)
  15. Blazeby, William (England)
  16. Bonham, James Butler (South Carolina)
  17. Bourne, Daniel (England)
  18. Bowie, James (Kentucky)
  19. Bowman, Jesse B. (Tennessee)
  20. Brown, George (England)
  21. Brown, James (Pennsylvania)
  22. Brown, Robert (Unknown)
  23. Buchanan, James (Alabama)
  24. Burns, Samuel E. (Ireland)
  25. Butler, George, D. (Missouri)
  26. Cain, John (Pennsylvania)
  27. Campbell, Robert (Tennessee)
  28. Carey, William R. (Virginia)
  29. Clark, Charles Henry (Missouri)
  30. Clark, M.B. (Mississippi)
  31. Cloud, Daniel William (Kentucky)
  32. Cochran, Robert E. (New Hampshire)
  33. Cottle, George Washington (Missouri)
  34. Courtman, Henry (Germany)
  35. Crawford, Lemuel (South Carolina)
  36. Crockett, David (Tennessee)
  37. Crossman, Robert (Pennsylvania)
  38. Cummings, David P. (Pennsylvania)
  39. Cunningham, Robert (New York)
  40. Darst, Jacob C. (Kentucky)
  41. Davis, John (Kentucky)
  42. Day, Freeman H.K. (Unknown)
  43. Day, Jerry C. (Missouri)
  44. Daymon, Squire (Tennessee)
  45. Dearduff, William (Tennessee)
  46. Dennison, Stephen (England or Ireland)
  47. Despallier, Charles (Louisiana)
  48. Dewall, Lewis (New York)
  49. Dickinson, Almeron (Tennessee)
  50. Dillard, John Henry (Tennessee)
  51. Dimpkins, James R. (England)
  52. Duvalt, Andrew (Ireland)
  53. Espalier, Carlos (Texas)
  54. Esparza, Gregorio (Texas)
  55. Evans, Robert (Ireland)
  56. Evans, Samuel B. (New York)
  57. Ewing, James L. (Tennessee)
  58. Faunterloy, William Keener (Kentucky)
  59. Fishbaugh, William (Unknown)
  60. Flanders, John (Massachusetts)
  61. Floyd, Dolphin Ward (North Carolina)
  62. Forsyth, John Hubbard (New York)
  63. Fuentes, Antonio (Texas)
  64. Fuqua, Galba (Alabama)
  65. Garnett, William (Virginia)
  66. Garrand, James W. (Louisiana)
  67. Garrett, James Girard (Tennessee)
  68. Garvin, John E. (Unknown)
  69. Gaston, John E. (Kentucky)
  70. George, James (Unknown)
  71. Goodrich, John C. (Virginia)
  72. Grimes, Albert Calvin (Georgia)
  73. Guerrero, José María (Texas)
  74. Gwynne, James C. (England)
  75. Hannum, James (Pennsylvania)
  76. Harris, John (Kentucky)
  77. Harrison, Andrew Jackson (Tennessee)
  78. Harrison, William B (Ohio)
  79. Hawkins, Joseph M. (Ireland)
  80. Hays, John M. (Tennessee)
  81. Heiskell, Charles M. (Tennessee)
  82. Herndon, Patrick Henry (Virginia)
  83. Hersee, William Daniel (England)
  84. Holland, Tapley (Ohio)
  85. Holloway, Samuel (Pennsylvania)
  86. Howell, William D. (Massachusetts)
  87. Jackson, Thomas (Ireland)
  88. Jackson, William Daniel (Kentucky)
  89. Jameson, Green B. (Kentucky)
  90. Jennings, Gordon C. (Pennsylvania)
  91. Jimenes (Ximenes), Damacio (Texas)
  92. Johnson, Lewis (Wales)
  93. Johnson, William (Pennsylvania)
  94. Jones, John (New York)
  95. Kellog, John Benjamin (Kentucky)
  96. Kenney, James (Virginia)
  97. Kent, Andrew (Kentucky)
  98. Kerr, Joseph (Louisiana)
  99. Kimbell, George C. (Pennsylvania)
  100. King, William Philip (Texas)
  101. Lewis, William Irvine (Virginia)
  102. Lightfoot, William J. (Virginia)
  103. Lindley, Jonathan L. (Illinois)
  104. Linn, William (Massachusetts)
  105. Losoya, Toribio (Texas)
  106. Main, George Washington (Unknown)
  107. Malone, William T. (Georgia)
  108. Marshall, William (Tennessee)
  109. Martin, Albert (Rhode Island)
  110. McCafferty, Edward (Unknown)
  111. McCoy, Jesse (Tennessee)
  112. McDowell, William (Pennsylvania)
  113. McGee, James (Ireland)
  114. McGregor, John (Scotland)
  115. McKinney, Robert (Tennessee)
  116. Melton, Eliel (Georgia)
  117. Miller, Thomas R. (Tennessee)
  118. Mills, William (Tennessee)
  119. Millsaps, Isaac (Mississippi)
  120. Mitchell, Edwin T. (Unknown)
  121. Mitchell, Napoleon B. (Unknown)
  122. Mitchusson, Edward F. (Virginia)
  123. Moore, Robert B. (Virginia)
  124. Moore, Willis A. (Mississippi)
  125. Musselman, Robert (Ohio)
  126. Nava, Andrés (Texas)
  127. Neggan, George (South Carolina)
  128. Nelson, Andrew M. (Tennessee)
  129. Nelson, Edward (South Carolina)
  130. Nelson, George (South Carolina)
  131. Northcross, James (Virginia)
  132. Nowlan, James (England)
  133. Pagan, George (Unknown)
  134. Parker, Christopher Adam (Unknown)
  135. Parks, William (North Carolina)
  136. Perry, Richardson (Texas)
  137. Pollard, Amos (Massachusetts)
  138. Reynolds, John Purdy (Pennsylvania)
  139. Roberts, Thomas H. (Unknown)
  140. Robertson, James Waters (Tennessee)
  141. Robinson, Isaac (Scotland)
  142. Rose, James M. (Ohio)
  143. Rusk, Jackson J. (Ireland)
  144. Rutherford, Joseph (Kentucky)
  145. Ryan, Isaac (Louisiana)
  146. Scurlock, Mial (North Carolina)
  147. Sewell, Marcus L. (England)
  148. Shied, Manson (Georgia)
  149. Simmons, Cleveland Kinlock (South Carolina)
  150. Smith, Andrew H. (Unknown)
  151. Smith, Charles S. (Maryland)
  152. Smith, Joshua G. (North Carolina)
  153. Smith, William H. (Unknown)
  154. Starr, Richard (England)
  155. Stewart, James E. (England)
  156. Stockton, Richard L. (New Jersey)
  157. Summerlin, A. Spain (Tennessee)
  158. Summers, William E. (Tennessee)
  159. Sutherland, William DePriest (Unknown)
  160. Taylor, Edward (Tennessee)
  161. Taylor, George (Tennessee)
  162. Taylor, James (Tennessee)
  163. Taylor, William (Tennessee)
  164. Thomas, B. Archer M. (Kentucky)
  165. Thomas, Henry (Germany)
  166. Thompson, Jesse G. (Arkansas)
  167. Thomson, John W. (North Carolina)
  168. Thruston, John, M. (Pennsylvania)
  169. Trammel, Burke (Ireland)
  170. Travis, William Barret (South Carolina)
  171. Tumlinson, George W. (Missouri)
  172. Tylee, James (New York)
  173. Walker, Asa (Tennessee)
  174. Walker, Jacob (Tennessee)
  175. Ward, William B. (Ireland)
  176. Warnell, Henry (Unknown)
  177. Washington, Joseph G. (Kentucky)
  178. Waters, Thomas (England)
  179. Wells, William (Georgia)
  180. White, Isaac (Alabama or Kentucky)
  181. White, Robert (Unknown)
  182. Williamson, Hiram James (Pennsylvania)
  183. Wills, William (Unknown)
  184. Wilson, David L. (Scotland)
  185. Wilson, John (Pennsylvania)
  186. Wolf, Anthony (Unknown)
  187. Wright, Claiborne (North Carolina)
  188. Zanco, Charles (Denmark)
  189. John, a Black Freedman (Unknown)

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